Weight Loss Exercise

A lot of us live our lives like penned animals. Built to move, too often we put ourselves in a cage. We have bodies designed for racing across the savannas, but we live a lifestyle designed for migrating from the bed to the breakfast table; to the car seat; to the office chair; to the … Continue reading Weight Loss Exercise

A lot of us live our lives like penned animals. Built to move, too often we put ourselves in a cage. We have bodies designed for racing across the savannas, but we live a lifestyle designed for migrating from the bed to the breakfast table; to the car seat; to the office chair; to the restaurant booth; to the living room couch and back to the bed.

It was not always this way. Not long ago in the United States, a man who worked on a farm did the equivalent of 15 miles of jogging every day; and his wife did the equivalent of 7 miles of jogging.

Today, our daily obligations of work and home keep us tied to our chairs, and if we want exercise, we have to seek it out.

In fact, health experts insist that obesity problem is probably caused at least as much by lack of physical activity as by eating too much. Hence, it is important that people need to move around.

However, that does not mean that a lap or two around the old high school track will offset a daily dose of donuts. Exercise alone is not very efficient, experts say. They contend that if you just exercise and do not change your diet, you may be able to prevent weight gain or even lose a few pounds for a while.

Nevertheless, it is not something that you are likely to sustain unless exercise is part of an overall program. The more regularly you exercise, the easier it is to maintain your weight. Here is what to do every day to make sure that you get the exercise you need.

1. Get quality Zzzs.

Make sure that you get adequate sleep. Good sleep habits are conducive to exercise, experts point out. If you feel worn out during the day, you are less likely to get much physical activity during the day.

In addition, there is evidence that people who are tired tend to eat more, using food as a substance for the rest they need.

2. Walk the walk.

It is probably the easiest exercise program of all. In fact, it may be all you ever have to do, according to some professional advices of some health experts.

Gradually build up to at least 30 minutes of brisk walking five times a week. Brisk walks themselves have health and psychological benefits that are well worth the while.

3. Walk the treadmill.

When the weather is bad, you might not feel like going outdoors. But if you have a treadmill in the television room, you can catch up on your favorite shows while you are doing your daily good turn for your weight-maintenance plan.

Most of us watch television anyway, and indoor exercise equipment enables anyone to turn a sedentary activity into a healthy walk.

4. Seize the time.

Excuses aside, lack of time is certainly a limiting factor in most lifestyles. That is why health experts suggest a basic guideline for incorporating exercise into your schedule.

Get as much exercise as you can that feels good without letting it interfere with your work or family life. If you need to, remind yourself that you are preventing many health problems when you prevent weight gain; and keeping your health is a gift to your family as well as yourself.

Innovative Sports Features Make Cruise Ships A Healthier Place To

Innovative Sports Features Make Cruise Ships A Healthier Place To Be

by Roy Witman 2006

Generally the phrase “cruise ship” brings about thoughts of pampering, exceptional food, indulgence and luxury. While these are still the case, no one can deny our culture as a whole is becoming more health-conscious by the day. The cruise industry recognizes this. In fact, several cruise lines are incorporating some pretty innovative sports features into the designs of their new ships due out later this year.

Norwegian Cruise Line is looking forward to the launch of its latest vessel, Norwegian Pearl, in February 2007. Pearl will feature a fitness center (as most ships do). But most notably, Pearl will be the first ship to include a full-size, 10-pin bowling alley.

Following the fitness trend herself, Royal Caribbean’s Freedom of the Seas (which will debut in May 2006) throws some punches of her own – boxing punches, that is. Freedom will be the first ship to offer a full-size boxing ring. Freedom plans incorporate the inclusion of Royal Caribbean’s popular FlowRider surfing simulator as well as a new group Pilates reformer studio.

Fight Klub will offer Freedom guests a variety of boxing-related activities. Go one-on-one with an experienced instructor. Run the circuit with speed bags, jump ropes, heavy bags and more. Spar with body master bags or work out with your own on-site boxing coach.

Looking for something a little less intense, but just as effective? Freedom will include the first-ever dedicated Pilates reformer group exercise program at sea. Personalized training is available for guests who can also partake of yoga classes while onboard.

The newest cruise ships, such as Pearl and Freedom, also offer a variety of fitness classes including step, total body conditioning, stretching, core, circuit training, walking, jogging, running, strength training and more.

To further your knowledge of good practices for a healthy lifestyle, seminars are also available on a wide range of topics.

Not all fitness activities take place on the ships. Freedom will also add an innovative feature for runners and walkers. “Avid runners can follow mapped-out routes at select ports of call and enjoy a safe run at each destination without having to worry about getting lost on their way back to the ship or measuring the distance on their own.”

From ice skating to rock climbing to the always-popular treadmill jog, cruise ships are following the fitness craze. As you can plainly see, cruising is now more about living your best life in balance than sheer indulgence. While you’re being pampered, getting a glowing tan and treating yourself to truly lavish cuisine, you can also be toning, shaping and firming so you look better than ever when you return.

A step ahead, preventing yeast infection

There are a lot of ways to avoid yeast infections. With just observing some basic hygiene and healthy lifestyles, you can avoid the embarrassment, anxiety and even anguish that are brought about by having an infection. That is why we emphasize the advantage of knowing and applying the different ways in preventing yeast infection. It is better to be prepared now than suffer the consequences later.

Several experts on the subject have recommended a number of procedures for preventing the overgrowth of yeast in our body. From changing your diet to adapting several health preferences, one can decrease the chance of having a massive growth of yeast.

Among the first advices would be maintaining a clean body. Yeast loves areas that are most. The more you tolerate having these areas, the more chance youll have an infection in your hands. So it would be a good idea to keep the vaginal area dry whenever possible. This includes after you had a swim, had a rigorous exercise, or had taken a shower. Dry the area thoroughly. Take off wet clothing immediately. You never want to give the yeast an opportunity to grow.

Speaking of clothes, a better chance of preventing such an infection would be to wear clothes that are made from light materials and provides enough ventilation. Theres a higher chance that the yeast grow excessively in the vaginal area due to wearing tight pants, jeans and other pieces of clothing. It would be better to wear cotton made clothes to allow the skin to breathe and helps with the prevention of yeast overgrowth. Cotton panties would be a better choice than nylon and lycra since the latter two can trap air which is an ideal environment for yeast growth. Panty hoses are also not recommended unless you wear cotton underwear underneath.

Maintain a healthy and clean body. That is a basic necessity and should be observed whether you have or dont have an infection. Washing your heads every time you go to the bathroom would be a good start. Also be aware that scented tissues, pads or tampons, feminine spray products, and even deodorants can cause irritation to the vagina and can in turn increase the growth of yeast in the area resulting to a full yeast infection. And definitely avoid using douches since it washes away the natural protective membrane of the vagina. This leaves the vagina more susceptible to, not only yeast, but other infections as well.

Moreover, petroleum-based lubricants should be avoided during sexual intercourse. Water-based lubricants are a better option since it does not trigger the overgrowth of yeast in the vagina area.

Sugary foods might also trigger the growth of yeast. It would be a good idea then to watch your sugar intake. According to studies, yeast tends to grow faster with a higher level of sugar in the blood and in the digestive system. You might need to avoid sugary foods but plain yogurt is good for you. Yogurt contains microorganisms that help balance out the growth of yeast. It contains friendly bacteria so to speak. A cup a day of plain yogurt might help prevent the growth of yeast.

Prevention is definitely a great move against yeast infections. If more women learn to adapt a lifestyle that is not ideal for yeast growth, then they will have no problems with the physical stress as well as emotional effects the infection brings. Simple, small actions can do wonders in preventing yeast infection.

How to Raise a Kid with Asthma (part 2)

Heres the continuation of the article captioned above.

I had mentioned changing the childs (and the familys diet for that matter) as THE foundation for a natural asthma treatment.

Obviously, I presented a vegetarian diet in the first part and I am aware that as a parent you might ask: where will my GROWING child get protein from?

There are more than sufficient amounts of proteins in Fruits and Vegetables and documented information on the exact needs for protein according to Dr. Stanley Burrough’s is actually about a nickel’s weight worth per-day.

Now the whole protein propaganda is another subject into itself, but for growing kids, one should be more concerned about them getting adequate vitamins and minerals.

Thankfully, these are more than abundant in fruits and vegetables and namely the Banana, Dates, Avocadoes, Olives, Cabbage, Lettuce, Durian, Young Coconuts and even the Apple give more than enough protein for growing kids and even you.

Here are some other quick factors to consider and hopefully put you at ease:

1. Its been scientifically proven that mother’s milk is about 2% protein, now if this is the ideal of a growing baby for the first 3 years; of course it shows the minimal need of it.

2. 98% of the human population is sweet toothed…which shows that carbohydrates are our main need contrary to popular belief.

3. Based on the John Robbins work titled: Diet for a New America, the number of people in the US suffering from diseases caused by protein excess is a mind-boggling 40, 000, 000 compared to a measly 3 people suffering from the deficiency of this substance.

In the belief that the subject of diet has been adequately covered, I will mention some other factors that could help in raising a kid with asthma.

To restore physical fitness for the child, you could introduce him to mild exercises such as Yoga. Most local YMCA and YWCA branches have classes designed specifically for kids or you could look into Yoga studios that offer them.

As an alternative, you could go to your favorite such engine and type up Sun Salutations. They are the core of yoga and trust me when I tell you the execution of them is fun and you will reap Yogas benefits for asthma and overall fitness by doing these simple exercises. Oh, and kids love them. Ive read in India where they originated, they actually hold competitions to see who can do the most.

For you as a parent, if interested, Yoga of course can come in handy for you for basic stress relief and of course as a choice for exercise.

When your childs fitness has improved, you may gradually at your discretion re-introduce other forms of exercise. But of course, they love to play so that shouldnt be a problem.

Other simple steps to curb the effect of Asthma in your kids life are to:

1. Avoid excessive temperature changes.
2. Ensure dust mites are reduced as much as possible in your home
3. Use a humidifier in the cold seasons.
4. Keep fresh air circulating as much as possible in the home.

It is my hope that these steps may come in handy in restoring your childs respiratory health. Of course your own parental discretion is advised in regards to these suggestions. But hopefully they would come in handy in helping you raise a kid with asthma.